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Show Opens June 21, 2019 at Sheldon Rose Gallery

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Small Art

A Big Idea for Small Art Works

Opening June 21, 2019

The Toronto Big Ideas in Small Art show is set to become a mainstay of the Toronto visual arts scene. It is an open invitation for visual artists everywhere to take part in a fun and fabulous group show, hosted by the Sheldon Rose Gallery on Avenue Road in Toronto. This year’s show will be co-curated by Allan Revich and Sheldon Rose, and the exhibition will take place concurrently with Fluxfest Toronto 2019. The opening, on June 21st promises to be super exciting, with an international exhibition mail art on the theme of “Pride” (opening is during Toronto Pride Week), and multiple Fluxus Event Scores performed by an international group of artists.

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Information for Artists
Artists from anywhere in the world are invited to submit up to four small artworks to be exhibited and sold during the Big Ideas in Small Art show. Works must be no larger than 10 inches in any dimension. Details…

Information for Gallery Visitors

Show Dates:
June 21 to July 8, 2019  
Sheldon Rose Gallery, 1710 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5M 3Y6
contact curators, or phone gallery at 1-416-707-0584

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